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Trophie BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Trophie

21/12/08-Jojavik Mafioso is awarded BEST PUPPY IN SHOW,
At Guildford & District Open Show, under Judge Mr Terry Nethercott.






Trophie 1ST Limit Bitch & is awarded her 2ND CC!!! Trophie

and her litter brother Jojavik ENTREPRENEUR wins 1ST Limit Dog, giving him his STUD BOOK NO.

Our Sincere thanks go to breed specialist Judge Mrs Linda Wilkes for such
a special day.


Congratulations to CH.Supeta's Ozzy Osbourne JW for winning the Dog CC, WG1 & going on to achieve RBIS!

"Syd" is the Sire of our latest stars who we are most impressed with & who are doing extremely well in the ring already.(See below) We would like to thank Sarah, Tracey & Sue for allowing us to use Ozzy on Jojavik Dirty Dancing, we are proud to have been the first!!!


At LKA Jojavik Gangsters Moll JW wins 1ST Limit Bitch & is awarded her 2ND CC!!! Jojavik Entrepreneur wins 1ST Limt Dog & gains his STUD BOOK NO. Under breed specialist Mrs Linda Wilkes (LYNFRYDS)


11/12/08-Jojavik Entrepreneur is crowned "RESERVE TOP DOG" At Romford & District Dog Of The Year Competition.


09/12/08-CH.Jojavik Dancefloor Diva JW- BVA Hip Score Result = 7 This is below the breed average, which we are more than pleased about.





30/11/08-Jojavik Jukebox Junkie has been mated. Puppies hopefully due February 2009.

26/11/08-HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to our wonderful 2006 litter,
with special love to our gorgeous biswinkle-girl "Izzy" aka J.Gangsters Moll. We love you lots xxxxx


17/11/08-Jojavik Jukebox Junkie will be mated next week! Please keep checking our puppies page for details.



15/11/08-At South West Dobermann Club CH.Show, Jojavik Mafioso is awarded BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, under breed specialist's
Mrs Jane Davidson & Mr Pete Mycroft (SUPETA'S)



06/11/08-A very sad day for us here at Jojavik....


"Lucca & Freya" were killed 2 years ago today;



"6/11/06" A date we shall never forget...

In Memory of two very special dogs, RIP
"Lucca & Freya" were both tragically killed 2 years ago today!!!


Now 2 years on, time has made it easier, to go from day to day,
But no matter how much time goes by we still miss you just the same.


"Love does not lessen,
Love does not end;
Always remembered our dear little friends.
Love you up to heaven & down to the floor, all around the world
& just a little bit more."






29/10/08-Wishing all our 2005 litter a very HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY. With a load of love from all your Jojavik family xxx.


16/10/08-Jojavik dogs are in the process of being BVA HIP SCORED.


05/10/08-CH.Jojavik The Gigolo JW wins BEST DOG & BEST OPPOSITE SEX At The Welsh Dobermann Club Open Show, under Mr Ian Norman (NEARCTIC)


02/10/08-Jojavik Mafioso & J.Blousey Brown have both been tested PHPV eye CLEAR.





14/09/08-Jojavik Wurlitzer JW is now a UK CHAMPION!!! After being awarded the BITCH CC & BEST IN SHOW. At N.E Counties Dobermann Club CH Show, under judge Mrs Maureen Rice (BLITZKREIG)


Dobermann puppy

14/09/08-Aliya Gucci Girl has whelped 13 strong, healthy puppies Sired by our CH.Jojavik The Gigolo JW.


06/09/08-CH.Jojavik The Gigolo's JW son Estridge Jacinto JW goes
RESERVE BEST DOG At Richmond CH Show, under breed specialist Mrs Jean Quigley (SWNYDWR)





27/08/08-Aliya Gucci Girl is confirmed in whelp to our CH.Jojavik The Gigolo JW. Puppies are due September 08.


25/08/08-Happy 9th Birthday to our special girl Jordon. Jordon is the foundation of Jojavik & is a part of each & every one of our special Dobes.


20/08/08-It is with great sadness that CH.Swnydwr Crimestopper JW
has been PTS to stop any futher suffering.
"Trevor" was a true gentleman in everyway possible, he had the dearest of natures,
& will always be remembered, he was one of our favourites.
We are privileged to have used him and for us he lives on in our "Ponk" who just like
her dad shares his special, special personality!
Our thoughts are with Jean, Hilton & Sue at this heartbreaking time.
*** RIP Trev you will be sadly missed.***


19/08/08-Krisenbeck Twinkle Toes has whelped 10 strong, healthy puppies, sired by our CH.Jojavik The Gigolo JW.



17/08/08-CH.Jojavik The Gigolo's son Estridge Jacinto has gained his JUNIOR WARRANT TITLE.
Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Jo & Ralph, we are very pleased for you both xxx


10/08/08-Jojavik Jezebel is awarded the RESERVE BITCH CC At Bournemouth CH Show, under breed specialist Mrs Gloria Pascoe.


01/08/08-Jojavik Helluva Dancer Of Tarchan has been tested vWD CARRIER.





26/07/08-Our April 2008 litter have now all gone to their new homes.


23/07/08-Happy Birthday to "Ponk" Aka Jojavik Wurlitzer JW who is 4 years old today & also not forgetting our much missed
"Lucca" Aka Jojavik Ministry Of Sound who was tragically killed at 2 years old.


22/07/08- Krisenbeck Twinkle Toes is confirmed in whelp to our CH.Jojavik The Gigolo JW. Puppies are due August 08.


19/07/08- Jojavik Dobermanns have moved home, please see our home page for our new address & telephone No.


Trophie NEW CHAMPION Trophie

06/07/08-Jojavik The Gigolo JW is awarded the DOG CC & BEST OF BREED At S.W.K.A CH Show, under breed specialist Mrs Wendy Stafford (HIEMDALL) This was Eddie's 3RD CC, giving him his UK CHAMPION TITLE!





22/06/08- Sire of our April 2008 litter-Supeta's Ozzy Osbourne JW has gained his much deserved CHAMPION TITLE!
From this litter we have our latest show stars...

...who will be in the ring from October 08. Congratulations to their handsome daddy.


14/06/08-Jojavik Wurlitzer JW is awarded the RESERVE BITCH CC At Border Union CH Show under judge Mr Jeff Luscott (JALUS)





25/05/08- Jojavik Wurlitzer JW wins 1ST Limit bitch, the BITCH CC (her 2nd) & BEST OF BREED. At Bath CH Show under judge Mr Peter Radley (INTISTARI)


17/05/08-Jojavik Gangsters Moll JW wins S.Yearling bitch & the BITCH CC! At S.K.C CH Show under breed specialist Mrs Chris Hollands (ZAROSA)







Jojavik Gangsters Moll JW is crowned

Trophie TOP DOBERMANN PUPPY 2007 Trophie

At The Welsh Dobermann Club




Dobermann Puppy

26/04/08-Jojavik Dirty Dancing has whelped 7 strong, healthy puppies.


CH/LUX CH Supeta's Ozzy Osbourne JW

Jojavik Dirty Dancing


CH Tronjheim Belladonna From Jojavik JW ShCMandDAM





26/03/08-Jojavik Dirty Dancing is confirmed in whelp, puppies due April 08.

CH/LUX.CH.Supeta's Ozzy Osbourne JW X Jojavik Dirty Dancing




19/03/08-Our Jan 2008 litter have now gone to their new homes, both of these little stars will be shown, look out for them.



15/03/08-HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to all our 2003 litter. The first lot of special Jojavik babies, which we have acheived major success with. Hope all these babies have a super duper day.




08/03/08 - Our 2006 litter brother & sister both took the "top spot" in their Junior classe's,
their FIRST time ever shown at Crufts.....
Jojavik Entrepreneur-1ST JUNIOR DOG-12 Entries
Jojavik Gangsters Moll JW-1ST JUNIOR BITCH-13 Entries

Many thanks to Judges
MALES:Mrs Lynne Rock & BITCHES:Miss Di Lonsdale
for placing "Bailey & Izzy" so highly


Congratulations to;

Minstry Of Sound Progeny
Jowendys Love For Sale-2ND YEARLING BITCH-25 Entries
Jowendys Robocop At Maricanchi-4TH GRADUATE DOG-17 Entries

Gigolo Progeny
Estridge Jacinto-3RD SPECIAL PUPPY DOG-21 Entries
Estridge Balboa-4TH JUNIOR DOG-12 Entries

You Dance I Dance Progeny
Trojanteam 'R' Billie-4TH SPECIAL PUPPY BITCH-22 Entries


WELL DONE to all for being placed in the line up, great results all round!!!






Dobermann Puppy

23/02/08-Jojavik Dirty Dancing has been mated

CH/LUX.CH.Supeta's Ozzy Osbourne JW X Jojavik Dirty Dancing




16/02/08-Jojavik Wurlitzer JW is awarded "RUNNER UP" at The Dobermann Classic 2008, under judge Mr Andi Houdouno (Indonesia)



Dobermann Puppy

08/02/08-Trojanteam Shake Ya Booty has whelped 10 strong, healthy puppies, sired by our male Jojavik Pickpocket JW.




Dobermann Puppy

23/01/08-CH.Jojavik Dancefloor Diva's JW puppies have arrived!

Jowendys Robocop At Maricanchi ShCm X CH.Jojavik Dancefloor Diva JW



Jowendys Robocop At Maricanchi ShCm

CH Jojavik Dancefloor Diva JW


CH Tronjheim Belladonna From Jojavik JW ShCMandCH Tronjheim Belladonna From Jojavik JW ShCM


08/01/08-Trojanteam Shake Ya Booty is confirmed in whelp to our stud dog Jojavik Pickpocket JW. Puppies are due early February 08.


02/01/08-CH.Jojavik Dancefloor Diva JW is confirmed in whelp, Puppies are due mid January 08.



01/01/08-HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to all our 2007 litter. Another new year has begun, and another year has passed...where did that go!!! Lots of love from us to all the 2007 babies on their special day xxxx



01/01/08-Jojavik would like to wish you a very Happy New Year



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